2016 Marked The Safest Year in Cudahy

cudahy crime stats

The City of Cudahy drove serious crime to record lows last year by focusing on very specific wrongdoers and initiatives: Gang members and more vigilance through programs like the Community Academy & Neighborhood Watch. (Crime Statistics: LASD)

“We had numerous meetings with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to talk about public safety and better ways to deter crime and increase vigilance in our community ,” said Cudahy Councilman Chris Garcia.

“We implemented major public safety measures to make Cudahy a safer place to live. We started by making our city a "Sanctuary City" so that immigrants in our community felt safer when speaking to the police, with no reservation or fear of deportation,” added Garcia.

Murders were down so low that it doesn't need a percentage but rather a raw number; ONE. While other neighboring cities average a few dozen homicides a week, for Cudahy they only had one homicide in 2016.

For Cudahy California - a community that’s endured a history of gang violence - the City’s contract with LASD has brought a 30 percent drop in crime since the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department took over.

Recent community surveys from the General Plan Update indicate that residents highly value public safety in considering local quality of life.